Younique: Why It Didn’t Work for Me


Hey Y’all. ♥

So you may have heard about the direct sales cosmetic company called Younique. They’re known for their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara as well as their Liquid Touch Foundation. Tried them both, hated them. But I’ll save that for the end, here’s why the company wasn’t for me.

A while back I was looking for a company that could help me earn just a little more money. I didn’t want a full-time job, or anything that was going to take up a huge amount of time, just something small. Just something small to give me a little extra cash to spoil myself a bit. My ex’s sister started selling Younique and was telling me such great things about it so I decided to check it out.

The company itself is wonderful. They stand for a great cause, their story is amazing, but the business aspect just wasn’t for me. I live in a small town, most people don’t wear higher end makeup, they just buy whatever is offered at the drugstore. I sold to two people the entire 3 months I was apart of this company and one of them was myself. I put my business out there, I shared the monthly kudos, I hosted several parties, I shared all that I could. No one was interested.

Direct sales companies are amazing for those who can make something from them, but around here where I live, people just don’t want to spend the extra money when they can get something so much similar for a much cheaper price. I don’t blame them, I’m the same way.

As for the actual products, they’re hit or miss. I tried their famous 3D Fiber Lash stuff and I just couldn’t figure it out. It comes in two steps, a mascara type base (step 1) and a tube of fibers (step 2). I hated them, the fibers got everywhere, and my lashes just started to look clumpy when I would try to go back with another coat of the mascara.

As for the foundation, I hated it. It was too runny for my taste, and the coverage was wayyyyyy too light. There are videos all over Facebook where they show it covering Sharpie and terrible acne, and I couldn’t get mine to cover anything at all. I’ve shaken it to make sure it was all nice and mixed, I’ve used different brushes for it, I’ve even used way more than I thought was necessary and it still. didn’t. look. good. I don’t know if there is some super special technique or if maybe I got a bad bottle but I *hate* this foundation.

The few things I tried and actually did like were the eye shadow palettes and concealer. The concealer was quite amazing, it gave wonderful coverage, I especially love it for undereye use. As for the shadows, they were SO pigmented! I would barely tap my brush on the shadow and it would be so opaque! My favorite shadow is in the 2nd palette and it’s a beautiful shimmery silver. Definitely a gorgeous color for the holidays! I also have one of the cream shadows and it, too, is quite pigmented and beautiful. In one of my kits I also received some eyeliner and a lipstick and they were also phenomenal. The lipstick color was so beautiful, I picked the pink nude shade. However, most of these products I can’t say I would purchase again, just because of the price. I don’t wear lipstick or eyeshadow that often to spend that much on it. During the week I usually keep it to a minimum being it will most likely come off when I sweat anyway.

I also have some brow products but I’m not too experienced with filling in my brows, so I can’t really give a super clear opinion. Some of the other products they have, I can’t speak for either such as the face care products, makeup removers, brushes, bronzers/self tanner, and lip stains. Those all came out after I bought my starter kit and, like I mentioned, I just can’t see spending that much for something I won’t really use that much. I can buy other products that are similar and work just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Overall the company isn’t terrible, some of their products worked and other not so much. I have seen people rave about them and others, like myself, share the negative. Honestly, the only way to really get an idea is to give it a shot yourself. Find someone who sells it in your area and see if you may be able to get some sample products. Buy some for yourself if you are able to spend it and not care so much if it doesn’t work. The best opinion for you is your own.

I’m not trying to put this company down because like I said, what they stand for is amazing, some of the products are amazing, it just wasn’t 100% for me. I personally don’t want to spend that much and it wasn’t great of a business plan for me, however, kudos to those of you making something out of it and getting great results! I’m glad you had a positive experience!

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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