Self-Love: Part 2.

A while back I posted about Self-Love and hard it can be at times to really love yourself. (You can find part one here.) A little bit of time has passed and at time I still find myself in that same rut. I still feel like I’m lacking the self-love portion of life.

Here lately it feels that once I start feeling like I can love myself the way I am, someone comes along and makes a comment or something and then I’m right back at square one.

Here’s a pretty good example of that: I was finally at the point where I felt like I could start to love myself. I was feeling good about school and work was going okay, and towards myself I was feeling more positive than I had been in a while. One day last week while I was at work an older guy I work with made a pretty shitty comment towards me. I was taking a little break and ate a slice of pizza real quick (I hadn’t eaten all day, I stayed pretty busy between class and chasing a toddler). So I just sat down at the table that the employees usually sit at and he has the nerve to ask if I was eating for two. It didn’t quite register to me at first, so I was like “nah, sometimes I feel it though.” But it really kind of hurt my feelings. I know I’m not a size two, I don’t want to be, and I know that I still have a bit of a “pudge” from when I had my son nearly three years ago. That doesn’t give people the right to assume things about me because of my size or the way I’m built. He isn’t the only one who’s made comments like that. A few of the people who “hang out” at the store next door to us (one of them is actually a customer) had made similar comments, asking if I was having another baby. It hurts my feelings every. single. time. I just suck up my feelings and go about my job. I can cry about it later.

I didn’t realize that people could be so judgmental and rude until I started working with the public. Men especially, as they’re the only ones who have made those comments. If anyone else has they haven’t said it to my face, so maybe that’s even worse, I don’t know. I just know that to be asked something like that when you aren’t pregnant or anywhere near it just kind of hurts. As if I don’t already know I look this way, the comments make it worse. I do have feelings, some people just don’t take that into consideration sometimes.

So what do you do when people are that cruel and make assumptions like that? Some may say that you cuss them out or give them a piece of your mind. You give them a rude comeback just as bad as that comment they gave you. Some people will choose to take the high road and keep their reaction to themselves like I did. It’s up to you how you react. If your go-to reaction is humor, joke about it with them, if it’s to be snarky, give them a piece of your mind, if it’s hurt, let your feeling show.

I will tell you this, don’t let people get to you. If you are on your journey to self-love, don’t let people interrupt that. You love yourself to best of your abilities.

Love yourself more than anyone else can.

Love yourself before you love anyone else. This is where I tend to mess up and what I need to work on. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this before but before I ever attempt to love anyone else I really need to learn to love myself first. Fully and unconditionally love myself.

Please don’t let someone else’s snide remarks get to you.

Love yourself. ♥

Leaving My Hometown


Our City’s Courthouse — Photo Credit: ©The Pretend Photographer

Hey Y’all ♥

So my last post was about how great I was feeling about this new path in my life: I finally found a major that feels like a perfect fit. I also mentioned that I recently found out that I would be done with this degree earlier than expected.

In that same conversation our teacher was having with us she mentioned how the next 3 semesters (after the current) will go. Next semester we will have Skills 1, then the following semester Skills 2, and our final semester will be Extern where we go out and work with the local doctors offices to learn the real-world part of out jobs. While she was talking about our Extern she mentioned that we were getting several new doctor offices. She also noted that out of all the offices in our town there were only 3 that weren’t affiliated with out hospital. Those three offices are in the works with getting affiliated with our hospital and the new offices are in the building process. We are getting an office specifically for OR patients and another office that will be the new Women’s Health building. It will house offices for mammograms, bone density tests, and other such things that relate the health of women.

Now when I say we are getting new offices I mean, large-sized offices, not rinky-dink tiny offices that house maybe 2 doctors.

This will be great for those of us in the medical field, especially those of us who are going for medical assistance as we will have an even greater chance at getting a job in our town. (So long as we get our certification.)

All of that got me thinking. Our little town really has come a long way, do I really want to leave now that it is at its peak? And, who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of its peak. Who knows how long something like this will last, how long they will continue to advance this town. It’s exciting. I remember being in high school saying how I couldn’t wait to get out of this town. I hated it. There was nothing here but that same old shit. I guess now that I’ve gotten older and sort of taken in how great a small town can be, I kind of don’t want to leave.

I know that there could be great opportunities outside this town, and who knows, maybe if I left this town I could find a future husband more easily… but for right now I think this is where we should be for a bit. There are opportunities arising constantly inside and outside of this town. I just have to decide which ones to take.

Here’s to decision-making.♥

Feeling Confident.


I know sometimes it takes a lot to really feel confident in everyday life. It can sometimes feel like it takes twice as much effort when you’re stressed out or have a ton on your plate. It’s taken me a long time to feel confident that my future would work out. I’ve been in school for like 2 years, maybe a little longer, and just when I got close to getting into an actual program after finishing up the core I would back out and change my mind.

When I first started I was going for CNA and my plan was to just get some sort of degree so that I could get a better job and then better myself one degree at a time. After that first semester (which was a summer semester) I changed my mind. One of my cousins had recently gotten into the radiology program and I figured that maybe that would be a great field for me, too. The pay around here is great and it really doesn’t take that long for school, so I changed my major. After two semesters of finishing up the core I decided it wasn’t for me. In my anatomy class there were 30 people and 29 of them were going for radiology as well. It was a very competitive program and I just wasn’t into the fact that I would be fighting for a spot in a program with 20 other people. It wasn’t worth it to me, that was more stress than I was up for. Not only that, it’s also hard as hell to find a job in that field around here. When someone gets a job in that field that don’t really leave it, so then there are no openings.

After that little epiphany I changed to LPN. Again, with the changed major I also needed a little different core, so with the two semesters of core out-of-the-way it was almost time to get into the program. The problem this time that I was stressing out too much. I wasn’t sure this was my fit, I’d love to be a nurse but was this really my calling??? I also couldn’t afford to drive back and forth every day to another city because my campus didn’t offer the classes during that semester. I also had to take into account my son and work. I just couldn’t sit in class 30+ minutes away from 8 am til nearly 4 pm, then head straight to work by 5 and work til 10 (sometimes later) almost every night of the week. I just couldn’t. Props to the people who do that, but I barely have time as it is and I already feel guilty about time with Link, too. It was best if I could change my major and get started with something else. That’s when I came across medical assisting. I had all the core that I needed and could start the program right away. I loved it. I read about it online and I knew that this was a great fit for me right now. And that brings me to where I am today, in my first semester of the medical assistance program.

In my School recap post I mentioned how I would be done with school a little earlier than expected. (I had assumed that this program would take me 2 years — 4 semesters.) This was both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Finally I would be able to get a better job and get things going for Link and myself. Finally, we could be on our way to a better future. We could be close to getting out own place and living our own life.

As I sat there in my first class listening to my teacher talk about what we will be doing in the next 3 semesters I finally felt it.

I felt confidence.

Confidence in myself, that I could do this.

Confidence in my job field, this will be worth it.

Confidence that for once in the past few years, things will work out in our favor.

We’re going to be okay, I’m going to be okay. ♥

Back-to-School #5: First Week Recap!

Hey Y’all! ♥

Now, I think on my last back to school post I mentioned that it was the last post, but I figured I would at least do one more to share how my first week back was.

*Let me apologize for the terrible lighting and angles, I was taking these on my phone in the school hallway so I wouldn’t forget!* 



Day 1 Outfit

Here’s what I wore for the first day! (And keep an eye out for this outfit, you may be seeing it again soon during the fall…) I purchased this t-shirt a few weeks ago from Wal-Mart; they have some basic tees for less than $3 each so I wanted to snag a few. This color is going to be perfect for fall, that was my main reason for buying. The cardigan I bought probably 2 weeks ago as well (not at the same time) and as soon as I saw it I knew the outfit I was going to put together. Being it’s still close to 90 here in South Georgia, I decided to branch off that outfit I had first planned and come up with something a little cooler.

This entire outfit consists of that mustard tee, crocheted cardigan, denim jeggings, brown/tan flats, and a long gold necklace. The outfit I have planned for fall will be a little different. 😉

I loved this outfit so much. The tees are super comfy and the top is the perfect transition color from summer into fall.



Day 2 Outfit

For the second day I wanted something a little more comfy as my class was a little earlier and a little longer. I was hoping the colors would show up a little better, but here was my outfit. Seriously, can you tell I’m ready for Fall?! This entire outfit was purchased from Wal-Mart. Talk about style on a budget! The top is a somewhat flowy pocket tee; I purchased mine a size larger than I normally wear so that I got the oversize feel. The jeggings are a beautiful maroon color and then I paired it with the same brown flats.

I didn’t want to really “accessorize” this outfit much as it was fairly simple. I stuck with simple pearl stud earrings, a silver bracelet, and called it done.



Day 3 Outfit

For my last day of class last week I went with something a little more summer-y. The crochet top was a Wal-Mart clearance find. I paired it with a beautiful emerald-green tank (also from Wal-Mart for less than $2), some basic American Eagle jeans, and my Jessica Simpson sandals. (I wasn’t going to show my sandals, but they are way too beautiful, so here they are below…)


I purchased them here.


As for class, it was a pretty easy week. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have one class (Pharmacology) from 8 am until 10 am, Tuesdays and Thursdays I have one class (Human Disease) from 9 am until 10:30 am, and I have one class online (Document Production). 3 classes total plus work and a home life. I have a full plate (and yes I am considered a full-time student with 11 credit hours). I am a double major in Medical Assistance and Medical Front Office (which is a branch of Business Administrative Technology).

We mostly just went over the syllabus and course outlines and got out first assignments. School started on Tuesday so we didn’t exactly get a full week, but nonetheless it was a great first week. I’m excited to see where this semester goes.

I did end up finding out from my teacher (I have one for the 2 classes, she also happens to be my advisor) that I will be done with school a semester earlier than I thought, so that was super exciting to hear! I’ll share more about my feelings with all of that in a later post…

Overall it was a great week. It feels so great to be back! I hope yours was equally awesome, even if you didn’t have class or aren’t enrolled in school.

Here’s to a wonderful school year! ♥

Book Haul! (Thriftbooks, Dollar Tree, Amazon)

Hello! ♥

I’m back again with another book haul for you guys! I recently had some good finds in Dollar Tree and I also placed some recent orders, so naturally I had to share!



I think this makes like my third Thriftbooks order. I am so addicted! I love how cheap I can get things and how great the condition is once it arrives! Plus the shipping is super quick and that is always a bonus when shopping online.

For this purchase I went somewhat light and only purchased 4 things: Cinder, Quidditch Through the Ages, Raney, and The Last Olympian. I did somewhat of a random type purchase, just grabbing a few things I wanted or to finish up a series, whatever.

Right now I am currently reading through the Harry Potter series and that’s why I purchased the Quidditch book.

Cinder is part of The Lunar Chronicles, I actually came across the third book during the trip my Goodwill haul was from. I plan on purchasing the second book in my next order.

The Last Olympian was also to finish up a series: The Percy Jackson series. I bought the first four during the Goodwill trip as well.

Raney was just one that I wanted. I read it in high school and had come across a copy a few years back but lost it. I recently (finally) remembered the title of the book and had to get my hands on it again.

Dollar Tree:


As I may have mentioned before, I love to shop around my local Dollar Tree for books. This last trip really worked in my favor!

I found a copy of Wanted which is one of the Pretty Little Liars books. I have never watched the show or read any of the books so I was pretty excited to grab this one. It also got me to add the entire rest of the series on my Thriftbooks wish list.

I also grabbed Schooled in Revenge which is based on of the TV series Revenge. Again, I have never seen the show or read any books related to it, but when I saw it I had to grab it. (Jeez, maybe I should start watching these shows!)

The last book I picked up from Dollar Tree was a true crime novel To Kill or Be Killed. It’s about a marine who went a little crazy (I think, I don’t have the book on me right this second.) I love true crime whether it be shows or documentaries, books, articles..anything. True crime is truly intriguing to me.

I came across a few holiday roman novels as well during this trip but didn’t pick those up.



Last but not least, I got my hands on this. As I mentioned above, I have been reading through the Harry Potter series so naturally I had to pre-order this baby. (I also plan on ordering the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts later on in the year.)

Right now I am starting book 5 so I have this book plus the next two books before I get to it. I am hoping to be done with the series by the end of the year.


I’ll hopefully have another book haul within the next few weeks or so. I check Dollar Tree regularly and I am always up for a Thriftbooks purchase. 😉 My next purchase will probably be “tying up loose ends” and getting a few random books before I start working on more series. I do plan on grabbing the entire works of Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult, but that is quite a massive haul so I will be buying those a little at a time, it gives me a chance to try to get those at Goodwills and thrift stores and things like that. I also want to get my hands on the entire Goosebumps series but just like the 2 authors, that is quite a massive purchase so I’ll just break those down in smaller purchases. (Just in the original set there are over 60 books!)

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this haul, stay tuned for the next one!!

Happy Reading ♥

Just A Few Shots.

While in the shower the other day it dawned on me that I call my blog “The Pretend Photographer” yet I’ve never showed any of my photography! Before I post a few shots let me first mention that I am by no means a professional at this, quite frankly, I don’t even think my pictures are that great… However, here are a few of my favorites. ♥



An old tractor on my Grandparent’s property.



Living next to a cotton field has its advantages.



This wall is in an alleyway in our downtown area.



This was apart of an old J.C. Penny building.



Took this at a semi-local Native American Festival.



Making Arrows.



A mother teaching her daughter.



A beautiful flower at a semi-local animal park.



This is one of my cousin’s senior portraits.



This was the same cousin during her prom shoot. It will always be my ultimate favorite. ♥



During the holidays our downtown is decorated with Christmas lights, here’s a quick shot during sunset.

*I plan on posting more about our town traditions during the holidays when it gets closer to time.*


All lit up! It was a hard choice between this picture and the last, so I included them both!


I hope you enjoyed these few shots. I hope to start sharing more and more as it’s what I named this blog after! I also just found out that today was World Photography Day so I picked the perfect day to post this! ♥ Have a wonderful weekend!

Back to School Series #4: How I Use My Planners!


Hey Y’all.

To bring my Back-to-School series to an end I wanted to show you guys the planners I will be using and how I plan to use them.


These are my planners. Yes, all 4 of them. I have 2 small student planners from Dollar Tree, and Erin Condren (Vertical) Life Planner, and a Day Designer. Each of them have separate but similar purposes.

(Not pictured is my Bullet Journal but it isn’t really for planning.)

Dollar Tree Student Planner(s)


These are the 2 student planners from Dollar Tree. As you can see, I got the rainbow print, they also had several others.

Here’s a look inside:


They’re super simple which is one of the reasons why I bought them. One of them I plan to use as a daily journal. There isn’t much space to write a ton and I’ll probably buy an actual journal later on, but it’s a space to clear my head a little each day.

As for the other one, I plan on actually using it for school. I can keep it in my backpack and quickly jot down assignments and such while I’m in class and then I’ll transfer it all to one of my more functional/daily planners.

Day Designer


This is my Day Designer! I purchased this online from Target for around $20. (I actually think it was $19.99) It. Is. HUGE. I’m not positive of the actual dimensions, but I’m guessing it’s like standard paper, 8.5″ x 11″.


Now, because this one is a bit larger I like to add a little more decoration. Here is my super simple monthly spread. As you can see it’s got a section for monthly notes/goals, 2 small calendars, and all the monthly boxes are lined. This is the one I plan to use as a more functional planner and where I’ll incorporate more of my school assignments and such.

This is why I love this planner so much:


These are the planner pages. Each day has its own page, aside from Saturday and Sunday, they share one. Anywho. It comes with an hourly section, a place for you to list your daily top 3 tasks, a place for notes and to-do, and places for gratitude and nightly tasks. Each page also has a quote in the top right corner.

This planner is amazing. I have had it since the beginning of June but haven’t been able to fully use it as I work at night and didn’t take summer classes. I plan on using this planner for a daily view. I can use the hourly section to plan out my day and divide my time up in between class and work. I also love that I can track a little more during my day with the notes and to-do sections.

Here is what a page will typically look like once classes are in full swing:


It comes off a little bland, but this was just the first week so there wasn’t much to fill-in ahead of time. I’m trying to find a way to block off the time I go to work, right now I have a strip of washi laid down. The half-boxes that fit in the Erin Condren planners fits perfectly to mark what time I have class. Once class gets up and going a little better I’ll try to do a planner update and show you how this one is working out for me.

On to the next one!…

Erin Condren Life Planner


This beauty is my ECLP. (You can purchase one here and save $10 on your first purchase!) This was my most expensive one, coming in at around $40. They are usually more than that (around $55+) but I bought mine towards the end of last year during a promotion.

The Life Planners come in three different layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, and Hourly. I chose the Vertical so that’s what you’ll be seeing here, but you can see the other options online.

This planner is what I will use for my weekly views. Once I jot down items in/after class I’ll come home and transfer them into this planner.

This planner is my more creative one. Here’s this month’s spread:


The stickers are from a shop on Etsy and right quick I’ll explain a little about the planning community…

I came across the planning community on YouTube and if you want to know anything more about the planning community just search “plan with me” or “eclp” on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere at all. This is how you find all you need to know on different planners, planning styles, and stickers galore.

OK, so not so much an explanation but I will let everyone else do the “real” explaining.

So, as I mentioned, this planner is my decorative planner. This is the one I use all my stickers and such in. I plan to use some in my day designer as well, but not decorative as much as this one.


This will be my upcoming spread for my first week of school. The top section is usually for basic stuff (bills, placed/received orders, paydays/savings, work hours, etc…). The middle section is always reserved for school and the bottom section is generally for my to-do, step/sleep trackers, shows, and things like that.

My side bar is usually reserved for things to buy but other times I’ll put my work schedule and step tracker there. The bottom lined section is usually covered by washi, but sometimes I’ll use gratitude stickers, especially during Thanksgiving.


So, now that I have come out of the “planner closet” I guess I can start putting up posts of my monthly and weekly spreads. How exciting! I can’t wait to share all of the fun spreads and hauls!

I hope you all have a wonderful school year!

Happy Planning! ♥

Christmas Planning Update (& Gift Ideas!)


Hello, Everyone!

So, we are just about halfway through August and I figured it was due time for an update on Christmas Planning.

Right now it’s still a bit early for any “real” shopping so I’ve mostly just been making/finalizing lists and working on saving up extra money so I’m not as stressed. I have bought something to use for gifts, though.


These are “fabric document holders” that I purchased from Wal-Mart in the back to school section. They cost $1.44 each! I first purchased myself one as a sort of larger pencil pouch or to hold make-up for traveling or whatever. I wasn’t exactly sure what exactly I wanted to use it for, I just knew that for less than $2 I had to have it.

As soon as I got home with it, still unsure of its actual purpose, I decided it would be a great canvas for a monogram! So I ordered a HTV (heat-transfer vinyl) monogram from a store on Etsy. As soon as I placed my order it hit me. These would make wonderful gifts! I went back to the store and bought 7 more to use for gifts! Well… more for myself and the rest for gifts. Girl’s are easier to buy gifts for in my opinion, but maybe that’s because I am a girl? (LOL)

Speaking of girl gifts… For the ladies I buy for I am actually planning on making them a somewhat gift basket and the base is going to be this:


This is a purse organizer off of Wish! (You can  grab it here.) It’s $2 plus $1 shipping. I saw this in a Wish Haul video on YouTube and knew that it would be a perfect gift for the girls on my list. I also love to make gift baskets, so I figured this would make a pretty decent base. Once they get here I’ll decide if they’ll be ok to use as a base or if I’ll need to grab a few small dollar tree baskets to use instead.

Next up is a gift I’ve decided will be great for everyone:


This is a 3-in-1 lens clip for your cell phone! I actually have this and can vouch for it that it works! I’ll talk more about it in my 2nd wish haul post, but for now I’ll just give you the basics. It comes with the clip, 2 lenses (one of them unscrews to be 2), and a little pouch to keep them in. These cost $1 plus $1 shipping so they are super affordable and would be great for stocking stuffers for all ages. Also, just a note, my local Dollar Tree actually has something similar to these! For $1 you can get just a single lens with a clip!

The gifts I plan on buying from Wish I’m going to order around the end of October/beginning of November. Just so that I have enough time to get them in time for Christmas. I know that during the holidays there’s a lot of stuff getting shipped around so hopefully I can get mine ordered and get it here with no issues.

As for other gifts, I have been thinking about a few other people. For my Mom I’m thinking about ordering this:


I am in love with this purse. This is by a shop called The Lemon Drop and you can purchase it here. I think my Mom would absolutely love this! I’m actually considering buying myself one when I order hers. It’s a bit more that I want to spend on a purse, but I’m in love with it and I know she would be too.

About the only other person I’ve thought about is my Grandpa and this is what I’ve found for him:


My Grandfather loves westerns so when I came across this a few years back I knew I needed to get it for him. I never got around to it like I would have liked so I’m making sure I get it this year. It’s less than $20 and can be purchased off Amazon. I’d much rather it be metal than plastic but I can’t complain, I know he’ll love it.

Other than these ideas I haven’t really thought of too much else. I’ve still got a bit of time before I want to start purchasing gifts, so I’m not worried. Right now I’m just focused on coming up with some ideas and getting my savings in order before I start buying gifts.

As always, Happy Planning!! ♥

Real Talk.

On Monday Link was supposed to have another fucking doctor’s appointment. Of course I remembered it but I didn’t mention it to anyone else in the house because I wanted to see if anyone else brung it up. They didn’t so we didn’t go to it. Later that night when I got home from work my Mom asked if I had forgotten about anything. I lied and said no, to which she responded with, “today’s the 8th, didn’t he have an appointment?” I told her I forgot about it and thought it was next week since I didn’t have school that Monday. I lied.

Truth is, I’m sick of constantly having to take him to appointments. Nothing is ever solved with his skin anyway, and his iron is always off when they check it regardless of his iron medication. So what’s the point? Clearly whatever I do doesn’t half-ass work anyway. I plan on rescheduling the appointment this week. I’m just tired of it.

I’m sick of sitting in there. I’m tired of waiting and feeling judged by the snooty people who are in there. I’m sick of the rude ass office clerk/secretary bitch that sits up there. I’m sick of the environment period. I feel like I do not belong in that office but there isn’t anywhere else worth a shit in out town.

They keep prescribing him cream that keeps getting declined by his insurance. I can’t afford $900 for a cream that won’t work. I’m 90% sure that pool water and coconut oil is what has cleared it up for the most part right now. We haven’t used the cream they prescribed (the first cream) in weeks. But, I won’t tell them that for fear that they don’t see it as any type of cure. They’ll tell me some reason why I shouldn’t be using coconut oil on him. I know how doctors are, they tell to tell them everything you’re doing but then want to critique it even if whatever it is works. How else will they make money?

I also find it hard to believe that they want us to give him quick baths, “in and out of the tub as quick as possible.” But why? Isn’t moisture what his skin is lacking?? It’s funny how the week we were constantly out in the pool playing was the week it cleared up the most. (We recently had to drain it to clean it up and change the filters and all.) I’m just baffled. Honestly.

I’m not saying I know more than his doctor, but I know what has worked.

Mother knows best, right? ♥

Back to School Series #3: Binder Organization! (& DIY Binder Decor!)

Hello Everyone. ♥

This week the schools in our county went back to school! I didn’t realize how many people on my friend’s list had kids til all the “First Day” pictures started filling my feed! But anyway, since it is the beginning of the school year I thought I would show you the ways I organize and decorate my binders for school! (Next week I’ll be sharing my planners and how I plan to use them.)

Pictured below are my three binders. I have one for each class and they are all different yet coordinating colors.


The pink and blue ones are 1.5″ and the gold glitter one is 1″. The larger binders are for the classes I have on campus and the gold one will be for my online class. I tend to need more space for the classes I am physically in class for as I take notes and stuff like that. I purchased them from Wal-Mart, and all together they were less than $10.

Inside each binder I have a set of tabs. I like to keep my notes and such separated from everything else.


I got these adorable glittery tabs from Wal-Mart for less than $2 per pack! I love the colors and the fact that they are glittery. But anywho…

I personally keep everything separate: notes, homework, syllabus, calendar, etc… There are several different ways you could organize with tabs. You could also separate everything by the unit — all the notes, work, and things like that for each chapter all in one section. Last semester when I had more than one class in one notebook I used the larger tabs like this to separate the actual classes and then had another set of different tabs to separate notes and other things. Here’s how that looked:


The first thing I like to keep in each of my binders is a calendar. This gives me a monthly view for each class. I can easily mark days when we don’t have class, test days, assignments, and other things like that. Then I can transfer all of that to my planners. (You’ll see more about that next week.) I try to keep things simple and easy to find.

As for decorating my binders I also like to keep that pretty simple.


The cover monograms were downloaded from the website Chicfetti. They have so many designs to choose from! I’m planning on using them as gift tags for Christmas gifts!


The binder spines I made myself but I’m pretty sure there are tons of templates online. (Try here.)

I printed both the monogram covers and the binder spines on cardstock (that’s why it was mentioned in the school supply haul). I wanted a cream/ivory color but all they had was white so that worked fine. ☺

Also, for the inside, I am going to put a mini schedule I just haven’t gotten around to printing it out. I had one typed up but recently changed a class out for another one and just haven’t had the time to go back and fix it.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. It wasn’t nearly as detailed as I was hoping for it to be, but I figured once school is back up and going I’ll be able to do a follow-up post and explain things a little bit better.

Have A Wonderful First Day! ♥