Why I Only Wash My Hair Once a Week.

Hey Loves ♥

Yes. I only wash my hair once a week. If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking that I’m totally disgusting. I promise, I have valid reasoning for it. Keep reading and I’ll give you all of my reasons why.

Long Hair Means Tangles.  If you haven’t noticed in some of my  outfit posts, I have pretty long hair. Not only is it a bit long, it’s also rather thick. (Thanks, Dad.) My hair has always been easy to tangle and get knotted up. One hair flip the wrong way could end up in a mess of knots and tangles. It sounds crazy, but my hair is so bad about that. The less I wash it, the less I have to brush through it. (Let me note here, that this is one place that I need to work on — after watching several YouTube videos about others who only wash their hair once a week, they brush their hair every night and I do not.) Anyway…regardless of what I do in the shower, how well I brush it out beforehand, and how I put it up in the towel (or if I even do), it *still* gets incredibly tangled. I usually just suck it up and brush it out, but the tangles make it worth not washing til the end of the week.

I Wear My Hair Up Anyway.  I work as a cashier in a pizza restaurant so naturally, I have to wear my hair up. If I have to wear it up anyway, then there isn’t too much of a point to wash it every single day. After a few days (2-3) my hair starts to get a bit oily on my scalp. When going to class, I find other ways to wear it. Sometimes I just throw it into a bun, but other times I’ll look up some hairstyles on YouTube and pray my dry shampoo looks okay. I’m generally okay with wearing it down for class the majority of the week. I usually keep it straight Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday I may curl it and then it’s ok for a curly ponytail. It isn’t until Thursday that it looks pretty rough when down, so that ponytail works for me. (The curls help keep it cute.)

My Hair Stays Healthier.  Washing your hair so often is quite damaging actually. I have found, since limiting the amount I wash it, that it looks so much healthier. My split ends aren’t nearly as bad (it also helps to get regular trims). I also highlight my hair, which is mostly bleach anyway, so not washing it that much helps keep those looking great as well. When my hair has been colored, I found that the color stayed so much longer being it wasn’t continuously being washed out.

In The Shower.  You may be wondering what I use to wash my hair with being I only use it once a week. I actually only use my regular shampoo and a hair mask/deep conditioner treatment. My shampoo is the Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship and the conditioner I use is a hair mask type thing by Suave. When using heat on my hair (which is rare), I use the Aussie heat protecting spray and usually some sort of shine serum.

What I Need to Work On.  So, as I mentioned before, I have a few things I need to work on when going about my hair washing and all. First, I need to keep it brushed regularly. I think that would eliminate a lot of the tangles, especially before wash-day. Second, I need to work on my ends. They tend to get a bit dry and damaged looking. (I don’t use heat to dry, and rarely straighten or curl it.) I also need to get better grade products. I’m just using Herbal Essence and Suave. I know it may not help 100%, but a better line of products may make it just that much healthier.


I hope this made a little bit of sense to you when it comes to my hair washing. If anything happens to change, I’ll be sure to give an update.

Have a wonderful week! ♥

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