2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year! ♥

To start off 2017 I wanted to share my 2017 Goals and Resolutions! I wanted to get these up before the end of 2016, but, I’m Queen of Procrastination. I’ve seriously had a never-ending to-do list since before the holidays and feel like I have marked off nothing! It’s a new year, a new start. 2016 was a shit-show and I’m determined for 2017 to be so much better.

This year I wanted to keep it practical. I even gave myself a new motto: “Progress not Perfection.” I wanted to make this year better, and with that comes the progression from one year to another. Now, on to the list!

  1. Read 100 books. — Last year I decided to get back into reading as a hobby. I started a little later (in July versus January like most people) and set my reading goal on Goodreads for 50 books. I did really good in July and read 11 books; pretty impressive for getting back in the swing of reading for fun. When school started in August my time was overcome with homework and classes so my reading time was cut short and I cut back my reading goal to 25 books. Once I reached that goal around October/November I moved it up to 30. I reached that goal, too, and moved it up again to 35. Once I met that goal I left it. I ended 2016 reading 39 books in those 6 months. This year I’m determined to read 100 books at the very least. (I’d love to read more!)
  2. Take better care of myself. — This can mean many different things. When it comes to this goal I’m thinking more of day/night routines. I need to wash my face way more than I have been, especially being I wear makeup nearly daily. I also don’t floss as often as I should and I’d love to have a beautiful, sparkling white smile. I also want to take more time for relaxation which can go hand in hand with my reading goal — more relaxing baths, quiet time when no one is home, face masks at least once a week, mani-pedis, etc…
  3. Take more photos. — I feel like this is always on my resolution list, especially since I got my fancy-schmancy camera when link was born. I also need to get in the habit of getting some printed out, I’m terrible at giving people photos, they tend to get hoarded on my SD card or laptop. Occasionally they make it to Facebook, but more so when it’s of other people. (As I’m typing this I’m making a mental note to post the pictures I took on Christmas of my Aunt and 2 cousins…)
  4. Keep up the blog. — This is one that can sometimes be challenging. I tried to keep myself on a schedule last year and it worked for a while but the close it got to the holidays to more I dipped off. This year I’m determined to keep this blog running even if not one person reads it.
  5. Start a small business with my Cricut. — As you may know from one of my most recent posts, I have an older Cricut machine and made ornaments and things to sell during the holidays. For Christmas I asked for the new model and my Dad got it for me! I’m so excited about it but have had a serious creative block since getting it. My goal is to make somewhat of a side-business from it once I decide what area I’m best at. Another goal that goes hand in hand with this is to be in the local craft show during November! I’m hoping to break this creative block once I’m finished cleaning up the holiday mess and making some new things! (I’ll be sure to share my entire experience here!)
  6. Save some damn money! — This, too, is one of those things that is constantly on my resolutions! Usually I’m pretty good with saving money til about halfway through the year when that balance is so nice and pretty. This year I am super determined to save money and keep it that way! This is what I want to put towards Christmas (not all, just a small portion) and use the rest as cushion should anything ever happen).
  7. Get Healthier. — Notice I didn’t say lost weight or go on a diet. I just want to get healthier. I’m trying to work myself up to a gallon of water a day (not near as hard as it seems) and working in some kind of light exercise routine. If I lose weight then that’s a plus but I’m not trying to go crazy and lose all these pounds or restrict myself to 1000 calories a day or something. I’m starting small. (This is where my “progress not perfection” motto comes into play.)
  8. Learn/Master some calligraphy — I’ve heard all my life just about how I have such nice/neat/beautiful handwriting. I appreciate it! I often tell people that I got all the practice from all the notes I wrote in high school. (LOL) I asked for (and received) a lettering set for Christmas. I’m slowly getting the hang of brush-tip markers, but it’s definitely more tricky that I thought…I’m hoping my left-handedness doesn’t have anything to do with that…
  9. Watch more movies and shows. — I know I want to read more but I also don’t want to get behind with current shows and movies. I have a handful that I started watching in the Fall but when those go off during the summer I want to be able to watch some shows and such that I never got around to starting.
  10. Successfully keep up with my BuJo! — BuJo is short for Bullet Journal. If you don’t know what it is, just Google it. Seriously. I’ve been a planner my whole life, and this past year I used my first ever Erin Condren planner, but I wanted to try something a little more artistic, so I decided to try my hand at BuJo-ing. Here’s to (hopefully) keeping it up!
  11. Practice Patience. — This is always a big one for me. I never quite have enough patience, but I’m hoping with some of the new things I’m wanting to do, I will develop some sense of it.

Well, that wasn’t too bad. Now the biggest task of the year is to bring myself to actually cross some of these off the list! I hope you have a wonderful year and that you, too, get to cross some resolutions off your list! ♥

Are Best Friends Even A Thing Anymore?

Happy Hump Day! ♥

As I was scrolling through my daily Facebook memories this morning I came across 2 posts from 6–SIX!!!!!–years ago. (Side note: damn, how time flies!) It was between a girl I was super close with after high school; my then best friend. Reading those sappy little best friend posts got me thinking. I miss the hell out of those days. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not thinking of how things used to be and wondering what it would be like if those people were still in my life.

I like to think that so far in my life I have had 3 best friends:

  1. My best friend from 6th grade to 12th. — We were still friends through the rest of high school and even after we graduated but had a falling out at the end of Senior year and it never felt the same between us. It sounds like a bad break up but that’s what it truly felt like. Fast forward to almost 5 years or so and we barely speak to each other, we live in different towns and have our own lives to live.
  2. My best friend at the end of senior year — I loved this girl to death. She was one of the girls in our little group that I wasn’t too sure of at first but grew so close with. We stayed relatively close for the end of Senior year and up until we had been out of school for almost a year. Some things happened with BF #1, my high school ex-boyfriend, and the guy I had currently been dating, and we all went our separate ways. (Side note: the guy I was currently at that time is the same guy that I’ve posted about several times, he’s the one who moved away that I gave the accidental silent treatment to…)
  3. My “current” friend. — I met this friend my first round of college, we had actually went to high school together but she was a year ahead of me. Around the time the disaster happened with the other 2 friends, we got close. We had a class together and met up for lunch one day, then boom. Instant connection. Fast forward to now and we’re still pretty good friends aside from the fact that she’s the one with feelings for my ex…

That brings me to this: are best friends even a thing? Do they truly exist? Looking back on my list they seem to have all failed in some way or another. Do I just have shitty taste in friends? Is there something wrong with me? Am I a bad friend? (I’ve been accused of being a “bad friend” before…in fact that’s when BF #2 and I kind of went our separate ways for good. Apparently a mutual friend of ours thought so because when BF #2 had issues/problems I “talked about myself too much.” LOL)

I don’t want to be without friends but at the same time, clearly something is wrong with each friendship. — BF #1 didn’t like that I hung out with my high school ex (I can see that, I really needed to move on). BF #2 didn’t like how I offered advice (sometimes the best way for me to explain what I meant with certain things was to give an example using past experience). BF #3 has feelings for my ex (I could rant for days on that).

I don’t know, ya know. Sometimes I feel like my life is in shambles, or that I’m seriously lacking a group of friends. I’ve come to like being a loner honestly so maybe I’m doing just fine. The constant throwbacks on Facebook just get to me sometimes. I guess it just reminds me of how good things felt back before we really had any responsibility, before my life went down a spiral, before I had to really be on my own.