January Monthly Reading Update!

Hello, Loves ♥

As you may know I set myself a reading goal of 100 books for the year. Since making that goal I felt like should update you at the end of each month to share how it’s going and give myself some accountability.

For the month of January I successfully read 6 books! It feels like a pretty low number compared to my challenge number, but I’m super proud of it! I’m *technically* 2 books behind according to Goodreads, but I’m determined to double that number this month and read 12 books!

So, here’s what I read in January: Harry Potter books 5 and 6, Me Before You, and Single Wide Female Books 6, 7, and 8. (Single Wide Female is an eBook series I came across on Amazon. They are super quick reads, similar to a short story.) I feel like I could have read a lot more but the Harry Potter books are pretty lengthy so I feel like they have slowed me down a bit. Thankfully I just have the last one to go and I’m done with the series.

That brings me to what I’m currently reading for the month of February: Harry Potter #7, Single Wide Female #9, and The Notebook. Once I’m done with HP7, I’m going to read Cursed Child and then start the Series of Unfortunate Events.

I know this was kind of short and sweet, but not too much happened this past month. Next month I plan on reading twice as much, so hopefully I can stick to that plan!

Happy Reading! ♥

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