Book Haul #4: Biggest Thriftbooks Order Yet!

Hey Y’all!

It’s been a few months since I last posted a Book Haul for you guys, but recently I made my biggest Thriftbooks order yet! It’s actually 2 separate orders, but I made them in one day, so it still counts. (LOL) Before this order my largest Thriftbooks purchase was of 13 books (the entire Series of Unfortunate Events), but as I said, this order takes the cake as the largest because these two orders combined contain 20 books. That’s right, I said TWENTY books! So, let’s jump on in and see what I got!



The week or so before I made this order I was talking to a friend of mine (and fellow book lover) about where we were in our reading journey and he mentioned about reading the Narnia series. That’s what triggered me to making this order. I knew I had the series on my Thriftbooks wishlist and I loved them when I was in school, so naturally I had to add them to my cart. Along with this order I also added the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. To wrap up this order I added Ellen DeGeneres’ book Seriously, I’m Kidding. I purchased this a few years ago when it first came out but it got ruined when I let someone borrow it. As I mentioned  in my last post, after I finish Harry Potter, I plan on reading the Series of Unfortunate Events, and after that is when I plan on reading the Narnia series. (I know, I seems like months away but I’m one book away from starting SoUE, and those shouldn’t take long as they are much shorter than the HP series.)




Order number 2 consisted of more childhood favorites. These 8 books have been on my wishlist for a while. They were actually one of the first sets that I put on my wishlist when I first found out about Thriftbooks! Some of these I have read before when I was much younger and some I have just watched the movies. One of the things that prompted me to order these (aside from just wanting them and getting some things off my wishlist) was that these were books that I could read to Link and possibly pass on to him. Roald Dahl and E. B. White wrote books that have become such classics for younger kids, and I just *had* to have them in my collection.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest purchase from Thriftbooks! I’m not sure when I’ll have another Book Haul from Thriftbooks, but I do plan on heading to Goodwill in a few weeks so look out for a possible haul then.

Happy Reading! ♥

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