Fashion Friday: Fall Lookbook

Hey Y’all ♥

So I know last Thursday was the “First Day of Fall” and it would have been appropriate to post this then, but whatever. I got busy and forgot so here it is now… I decided I wanted to do a lookbook based on some fall colors! As you know, I have been purchasing a lot of staple items that are in the fall color scheme. Mostly tees, but I also have a few other things that I haven’t shown you yet. ☺ I’ve been thinking about this one for several weeks now, and while the weather where I am isn’t anywhere near cool enough for these outfits, I know that some places are getting that nice cooler weather. Below I’ve got 3 different outfits that are so, so cute for the changing weather!

Outfit 1:


This outfit just screams Thanksgiving to me. The colors are amazing; they are so warm and fall-like. This top is a flannel-like tunic that I purchased from none other than Wal-Mart. (I know, it seems that I get *all* of my clothes from there…) I paired it with a pair of brown leggings (this could also work with brown jeggings or even regular jean jeggings) and my favorite brown boots.

You can’t tell it in the picture but there is actually a hint of green in the tunic along with a nice burnt orange and brown. I think playing off of those subtle hints of color would be great for accessories. A nice pair of hunter green studs would look nice. If you aren’t one for much color, I would suggest doing some simple gold accents. I actually have a cute and simple little gold initial necklace that I’m thinking of wearing. I also have several little wire-wrapped bangles that I can pair with this, too.


Outfit 2:


This outfit is so cute to me! I love this little poncho type top! (I actually have another one in black that I want to use in another lookbook sometime.) It’s coming off a little white in the picture, but it’s actually an ivory-type color. I had a bit of trouble finding a pair of pants that would fit good, but being this is for the fall, I just went with a pair of brown jeggings. I think this would also go well with burgundy, olive-green, or jean jeggings. I paired this with my pair of tan flats and a gorgeous plum-colored necklace. I think the pop of color works really nice with this outfit.


Outfit 3:


This is probably my favorite outfit, simple because I’ve actually worn it several times before now. 😉 I bought the cardigan and tank from a store called Factory Connection. (I may have posted about this before, I’m not sure…) The jeans and flats are both from Wal-Mart. I also put the same necklace with this outfit. I actually bought the necklace for the sole purpose of wearing it with this outfit.

The cardigan itself is a gorgeous taupe color and is very flowy. It’s perfect for those cool days that aren’t quite cool enough for a jacket. It could easily be paired with jeggings or leggings, or whatever, but I love it paired best with jeans.

Well. I hope you enjoyed this super quick Fall lookbook. I’m so excited for my upcoming ones!

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! ♥

Monthly Christmas Planning Update!

Happy Hump Day! ♥

I figured today was as good as any day to update you all on how my Christmas planning is going! Being Fall has officially started my Christmas shopping has been in full swing! I haven’t went crazy and bought *everyone’s* gifts, but for the most part, I have done quite a bit. I’ve gotten a lot of partial gifts.

So, here’s some of the things I’ve gotten. And, as always, if you’re family/friends go away!! 😉

The first picture is of a little wild west “target shooting” game. I originally thought of giving this to my brother as a sort of gag-gift, but I then thought that it would actually make a pretty funny give for all the guys. I bought 5 of them, 2 for both of my brothers, 2 for bot of my male cousins, and one for my cousin’s boyfriend. Now I just have to get two or three gifts that are sort of equal for my 2 female cousins and maybe my brother’s girlfriend.

The second picture is going to be part of my dad’s gifts. I always think of him when I see cute little kitchen decor. I’m not sure if I’ll gift these to him or not, I’m still not too sure how I feel about them as gifts…

Finally, the last picture is of two large-sized picture frames. The top one is mine that I’ll be putting Link’s pictures in and the second one is my grandma’s. We plan on filling it with pictures from their 50th Anniversary Party. I thought about giving it as a birthday gift to her, but I’m not sure yet, I may just make it a Christmas gift instead and just save it towards the end…I still have time to think it all over.

Aside from all of these that I have on hand, I have 3 layaways housing gifts for people (mostly Link) and I still have some items from Wish that are on their way to me! I have a few people completely marked off my list. I either have finished them or have very little left to do concerning their gifts. I’m contemplating going ahead and purchasing my secret Santa gift, but I figured I should wait just in case we decide not to do it at work.

I’m pretty sure I know what I’m getting everyone, I just need to make a rough list of what I have and what I’m thinking of getting. Being this weekend is the beginning of October, I’m going to start ordering more things off of Wish and then possibly start ordering other gifts (from other sites) as well. I want to get done with the majority of my gifts by early December, that way I can focus on stocking stuffers and such, too (mainly for Link).

Just 13 Fridays to go, y’all! ♥

Book Haul #3! (Thriftbooks, Dollar Tree, & eBooks)


Hey Y’all ♥

I’ve got yet another Book Haul for you! As you may or may not notice, I’m pretty obsessed with Thriftbooks. I love cheap you can get the books and how great the quality is for those prices. Today I decided to show you my recent purchases from Thriftbooks and my local Rose’s store, as well as add in some of my recent eBook purchases.


These are the books I got from Thriftbooks! I’ve been hearing so much about The Girl on the Train and after seeing the trailer for the movie they made based on it, I knew I had to read it! It was actually the first to arrive to me from this order. The other four books are the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I loved these books and no, it wasn’t because they’re “smut.” I honestly loved the back story. I feel it didn’t get enough attention (the backstory). I read these a while ago, but never had physical copies. I actually got them sent to me in an email from an Army spouse Facebook group. All 3 as PDF files.




So these are the books that I got from my local Rose’s. I absolutely love this store. (You’ll be seeing a lot more from this store, especially where the Holidays are concerned.) I was even more ecstatic when I purchased all four of these books for just pennies each! They were actually all marked down anywhere from $0.75 to $2.50 but were ringing up for just a few cents. I even think one of them came up as ONE CENT! I was too excited about this purchase. The one I was most excited for was The Cuckoo’s Calling (it was marked down to $2.50). The Bristol Palin book actually may have come from Dollar Tree, but it was still only $1 and doesn’t look bad at all. The other two books I had never seen before but they were super cheap and looked pretty good, so I grabbed them, too. I love picking up books like this, it’s actually how I started my little “library.” I used to go to Books-A-Million and scour the marked down books they had in some of the cardboard bins. I found so many new things for such cheap prices. I even picked up a thing or two that I wouldn’t really want to read but would look good on a shelf. (Yeah, I’m guilty there…) These books are on my “to-read” list, so I’ll get to them soon.


Amazon eBooks:


This little series is one that I came across on Amazon. I was scrolling through (on July 4th actually) and looking for free eBooks (there’s actually quite a few freebies out there) and the Red, White, and Blue themed one popped up. This series is about a man named Heather who own a little doughnut shop in Texas, who sort of solves murders that are occurring in her hometown. I read a sample of it and it grabbed my attention immediately. I automatically purchased the first in the series and my love for them grew from there. They are super easy, quick reads. Right now there are currently 19 books in the series and I am on 13. I have been reading them since July with other books in between. She generally comes out with a new book in the series every 2 weeks or so. When I started reading there were only 9 books, and she has come out with double that since them. If you’re looking for something that’s quick and easy to read, I highly suggest them!


Google Play eBooks:

I purchased both of these books after receiving e-mail offers from Google Play. (I have an Android and use google play so I’m always getting some sort of offer.) I knew these were both pretty popular books so I decided to grab them while I had those discounts. The first purchase was Me Before You. I received a 50% off coupon and chose to use it on that being I’m a sucker for romances. The second purchase, Big Little Lies, was using a $5 off coupon for select number one titles. I can’t wait to finish these two books as I’ve hears such wonderful things!


I hope you enjoyed this post on my most recent book purchases! I can’t wait to share another one with you soon!

Happy Reading, Y’all! ♥

Happy Fall Y’all!


It’s that time of year again, y’all! ♥

The cotton is blooming, the temperature is dropping (slowly but surely), and the cooler weather clothing is making its way onto shelves! And let’s not forget my favorite part: all the seasonal changes…decor, colors, holidays!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is always perfect, it’s the beginning of the holiday season, and I get to wear my favorite clothing pieces! This is when I love to sit outside and take tons of pictures. I can usually get a few shots of some color changing in the leaves (I live in the south so usually they just go from green to brown) and the cotton blooming. The weather is also nicer while taking photos, so I’m not outside sweating my ass off, there are little to no bugs, and it’s just all around a better atmosphere. I think one of the best parts is that my allergies are at bay and that is always a good thing!

It’s also the season which house my birthday as well as Link’s, my mom’s, and several other family member’s birthdays as well. There are also some pretty great holidays during the fall like Halloween, and my personal favorite, Thanksgiving! The final countdown for Christmas starts during this time as well.

Once the weather starts cooling off, it is perfect for when I want to sit outside on a cool day and drink some hot chocolate or even hot tea (I hate coffee). I even bought a new mug with the perfect house colors!


I mostly bought this because of the “Treat Yo Self” scene from Parks and Recreation (seriously love that show!) but it was in the Fall housewares section at my local Wal-Mart and I just had to pick it up! This is going to be perfect for those cool Fall nights when I just want a huge glass of hot tea! It’s also the perfect size for some nice hot soup. I seriously love eating soup out of large-sized mugs. Did I mention this mug was less than $3?! Such a steal!

And speaking of the leaves changing colors, check out this photo my boss’ wife took of our downtown:


Looks like our leaves are changing just a bit after all! Now, I know most of these leaved just look a little dead, but there are some yellow-ish leaves on the ground, too! 😉 Maybe this weekend I can get out of the house and take some pictures! I may be able to convince my mom to taking a walk downtown with Link and I while I snap some pictures of the courthouse and all. 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful Sunday afternoon to me!

I know this post was just a little random, but I figured a little Fall rambling wouldn’t be too bad.

Have a wonderful day! ♥

Planning The Future.

Being that I only have 3 more semesters left of school, I’ve been thinking about what’s next for me. A week or so ago my instructor was talking to us about our extern semester which will be the last semester of our program. She explained that there are many different offices/fields that we go to and we have the chance to pick where we want to work more. They even work with us if we aren’t as good in one office as anther (OB, Pediatrics, Ortho, etc…) and get us more time in that office if needed. That’s what got me thinking…

I made myself a small list of the top few areas that I would like to work in:

  1. OB-Gyn
  2. Oncology
  3. Surgery (Pre-Op, Post-Op — such as an Orthopedic Surgeon)

Now, I know a job is a job, and I will be so so thankful for whatever job I get wherever it may be, these are just the ones that I would apply to first. There are many different types of doctor’s offices and I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg where they are concerned. So the field that most interests me probably won’t even be on the list until I get to that final semester.

Something else that has been on my mind is going for the gold and getting my RN. I’d really love to get my RN and possible take it further to BSN, and even a Master’s, CRNA, or NP. Now that I am so close to finishing a degree, I would love to keep furthering my education. After I am done with Medical Assisting I really want to take some time to work in the field and see how well it fits. If Medical Assisting is something that really suits me, then I may just stick with it. But as of right now, I want to go back for nursing. However, I really need to wait until Link is back in school. I also have to really take some time to think about it because clearly, I can’t work all the time and be in Nursing School. I would possibly have to quit my MA job and find something else, or not work at all. It will take a lot of thought but it’s something I am seriously considering and I want to do whatever it takes for me to reach my goals and make a much better life for Link and I.

I suppose I could always start small and go for my LPN first, but if I’m going to do Nursing I might as well go for the longer degree. I already have most of the classes for it, I’m just lacking Microbiology and that could be taken over a summer semester.

Once Link starts school (won’t be until 2018 because he has a late birthday!) I want to put my plan into action and get that Nursing degree. But I may take a small break to save up a good chunk of money first.

I really don’t think that I have been this determined about school before. Right now it’s all about finding a better job, getting us on our feet, putting some sort of degree under my belt. I’m going to do what I can to get the degree I want, no matter how long it takes me or how old I am compared to the other students.

Here’s to preparing for my future. ♥


I’m not one to self-diagnose. In fact I really hate when people self-diagnose themselves for certain issues. That’s why we have doctors. But at the same time, if some things weren’t found out by the patient first, they would never be diagnosed in the first place. Does that make sense? (LOL)

Any way…I sort of had to self-diagnose myself for anxiety and depression. Let me just mention that no, I have no been to a doctor about this. I feel that I have extremely minimal amounts of each and I really would rather not see someone who either thought that my problems aren’t good enough or whatever, or they would want to prescribe me something to dope me up. I’m against both of those, so I would just much rather try to do what I can to keep my problems at bay.

But how did I know this is what was wrong with me? It’s sort of hard to explain, but I’ll try my best… While I was pregnant I first noticed my depression-like symptoms. My days off would be spent in bed either sleeping a ton or crying. I know, it may sound like a typical pregnancy mood, but this was so much more than that. Like I said, it’s a little hard to explain, but I’ll try my best. Things that should have made me over the moon happy had the opposite effect. My ex’s Mom and Sister were in town, and we had planned to go see them or something, I don’t quite remember. But, I just sat on the couch and cried. The entire weekend they were in town, while I wasn’t working, I was just sitting there. I remember feeling so numb all the time. I was eat up with worry over what I was going to do when my baby got here. I was so stressed out over everything, I just wanted to run away. I was sitting there one day and just started crying, for no apparent reason, and that’s when it dawned on me. I had some form of depression. There was no other excuse for it. I kept promising myself to speak to my OB about it, but every time my appointment rolled around I got nervous and sort of panicked, and just wouldn’t say anything. At one appointment they even bluntly asked me during a routine check-up, and as bad as I wanted to be honest with her and tell her yes, yes I am feeling that way, I said no. That I felt fine. I hate that I lied to them over it, it could have saved me so much time and energy feeling so down. But here I am. Still feeling the same way.

It wasn’t until this past year that I realized the anxiety. I would always say that I felt a little anxious or panicky about some things, but I didn’t even really know. I didn’t really come to terms with my anxiety (and my depression) until I came across several articles and blog posts about how people felt while having both. Post after post, article after article, they all spoke to me. I could relate to so many of the things they all listed. I know, it sounds crazy, but once I found those articles, it’s like for once in a long time I felt at ease. I could finally put a name to all of the crying, all of the panicking, all of the worry.

I know it may sound crazy that I self-diagnosed with online articles. But this is real. This is how I came to terms with what was bothering me so badly. Night after night when I would get home from work I would have these breakdowns and just cry for what seemed like forever. I’d sit there in the bathroom floor crying and asking myself “what is wrong with me?! why am I like this?!” And now I know.

Yes, I know I should go see a licensed physician, but I have a shit job and no insurance. I can’t afford the appointment plus whatever crap they want to prescribe me. Right now I just want to deal with things the best I can. Later on in life, I’ll probably question why I did this, but for now it’s all I can do. Please limit your judgement, I know this post sounds way more than crazy.

I’m dealing with things my own way, and right now they seem to be working. I truly think this is what’s best for me right now. I’m staying strong even with my issues. ♥

Fashion Friday: Game Day Lookbook (College Team)


Hey Y’all! ♥

Today I wanted to give you another Game Day inspired Lookbook, this time using colors from a college team!

The team I’m choosing to use is UGA (University of Georgia) whose colors are black, white, and red. Like I mentioned in the other Game Day Lookbook, I’m not too keen on Football, but I use anything as an excuse to throw together a cute outfit! For the first outfit I wanted to omit the general team tee and jeans idea that most people may resort to. I wanted to come up with some ideas that had a little more thought put into them. Now, speaking of outfits, let’s get to them!

Outfit 1: Casual


For this first outfit I went pretty simple. I love the simplicity of it is as it can be dressed up or down and still remain rather casual. I paired a black flowy tank with red shorts and jeggings. For accessories I used the same pearl ones from my other Game Day post: pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, and pearl bracelet. The shoes can be changed out from sandals to flats or even wedges. During the winter you could stick with the jeggings and ass a long sleeve red top and possibly some boots.

Outfit 2: Sparkle


This outfit is similar to the one from the last post as well. I used the same black kimono and sequin tank, but instead of gold I went with the red. I paired this one with a dark wash pair of jeans and wedges. I kept the accessories I kept those light, I only pictured the black stud earrings. As for bracelets you could really pair anything, I just wouldn’t go too over the top. I think the black jeggings would work here, too, as they might help the red top pop just a little more. This is definitely a cute look for house parties and tailgating!

Outfit #3: Dressy


This last one was actually a “Game Day” inspired dress that I bought from another blogger I follow. (Seersucker Sass, look her up, she’s an amazing Southern girl blogger!) She was doing a de-stash of some boutique items so I just had to snag this one! Anywho…it’s a red and black dress that I paired with a simple pair of wedges and my black “bubble” necklace. I actually wore this to my brother’s high school graduation last year because they were his school colors. I paired it with the simple black studs and some self-made bangles. (I couldn’t find my bracelets for the life of me to get a picture, but they are similar to these.)


I decided I needed to add these in to give you more of an idea. These are a few up close shots of some of the accessories I’ve used along with another bracelet option.

The first picture is of the pearl items I used. I the bracelet and necklace are off eBay and the earrings from Etsy.

The second picture is of the bracelet from my other game day post, it’s a gold and silver bangle that came from eBay as well. I wish I could have gotten the solver glittery part to show up a little better.

Picture three is of the black studs that would be great to pair with a number of things. These came from Wal-Mart and as you can tell they were only $3! I have several colors of these studs, they are a staple for me!

The last picture is of a bracelet that would be great for this lookbook. It isn’t really football related but it is great for some state pride! I purchased this from a store called Factory Connection, I’m not sure if they are just local to my area or if they are available everywhere. Plus it has a little pearl on it so it would compliment the outfits that I accessorized with pearls.


I hope you enjoyed this post for another version of game day looks! I love putting together outfits using a fun color scheme!

Here’s to a win! ♥



I Lied.

We all lie, let’s be real.

Whether it’s a little white lie or something extravagant, we have all lied. Even saying nothing at all when you know the truth is lying. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, everyone has told at least one little lie.

So, just how did I lie exactly? Let me tell you…

The other day while headed to work my grandmother and I got to talking. We were talking about something to do with meals or sales or something and I mentioned how “we” (my ex and I) done whatever it was quite a few times when we lived together. I really wish what it was we were talking about, but whatever. After I mentioned that she asked me if I knew whatever happened to him. That’s when I lied.

I told her no. No, I don’t know what happened to him. To an extent that’s sort of true because no, I don’t know what happened to him mentally or whatever that caused him to just stop everything involving us. (I use the term “us” a lot, mainly because I am a part of my child, we come as a pair, not as equals…if that makes sense.) Anywho, physically I know where he is. I know what city he lives in, I can easily find out where he works, what his phone number is, anything I want to know, I can find out. My best friend is still all buddy-buddy with him (that’s a whole different rant in its own….) and well, I could contact his sister — who I am still friends on Facebook with — or I could simply unblock him on Facebook and find out for myself. It’s simple really, I could find out exactly what he’s doing, but it’s better for us both if I choose not to.

Any way…I lied. I told her I didn’t know what happened to him but I know exactly where he is. I know that he talks like he wants something to do with him but makes no effort at all. After thinking about all of this and giving her my simple answer, she just said how it was strange and “such a shame” that he has missed out on so much of my little guy’s life. And, well, it is. It’s really fucking sad that he would choose to be selfish and choose his own feeling or whatever the fuck he was feeling over his own child. My family (aside from my mother) treated him good. I think my grandmother almost felt hurt, she treated him just as equal as everyone else and then he just bailed. He blames it on my family because they can be “intense” as some people put it. I call it protective, but whatever…

Do I feel guilty for the lie? No. Telling that little white lie that I don’t know what happened to him is a lot easier than going and having some long drawn out conversation about everything. I’m pretty freaking sick of having these conversations with certain people who think that they can just twist it so that everything can benefit him. That’s not how this works. He’s a shitty person, he will always be a shitty person, and I want nothing from him.

So I lied. And I’m okay with that. ♥



Real quick before I go about my day, I wanted to share something with you that has been on my mind recently: Judgement.

I know a lot of people are quick to say, “oh, I don’t judge people” and then turn around only to make some sort of snide judgmental remark. I can’t lie, often times I am guilty of this. One part of me is like, “I have no room to judge, I have my flaws” but then right after that comes the thoughts poking fun at someone or judging their look.

How do we break such habits?

Judgement carries a lot of negativity. I find that people can’t fully be happy until they have let go of all their negative habits. Judging others is not only negative, it can be extremely rude and hurtful if done out loud. It’s one thing to keep thoughts like that inside your head and a totally different thing if you are rude and say them out loud. Even if it’s someone you’re extremely close with, watch what you say. You don’t know what it took for that person to do whatever it is that made you judge them in the first place.

Going along with the positivity aspect, I really want to try to become more positive in my life. I feel like the positivity will help towards my self-love issues. If I have happier thoughts, I can be happier towards myself and others. By eliminating the things I feel I judge others on, I can be on my way to becoming happier.

Passing judgement is something everyone does regardless on if they want to admit it or not. Watch what you say around others; what you consider an everyday remark may be something that truly offends someone. I know, some people just like to say that the other person is being overly sensitive, but regardless, we should be kinder to each other.

The world would be a happier place if there was less judgement floating around. ♥

Fashion Friday: Friday Night Lights (Lookbook)


Hey Y’all. ♥

It’s that time of year again! Football Season! This is a big thing in the South, especially in small towns like mine. The term “Friday Night Lights” is something we refer to around here to signify the nights high school teams play. But enough of that… I wanted to put together a pretty simple look-book for Friday Night Football games. Now, while I don’t particularly care for football, I’ll take any reason to dress up. 😉 It’s pretty easy to put something together using your school’s colors, if you know how to do it. If anything, it’s super easy to accessorize an outfit using your team’s colors. All of the outfits I’ve put together are based off of my team’s colors but they can easily be changed to accommodate yours!

Before we jump into the outfits, let me tell you a little about our team. Our teams colors are Black and Gold mainly, and a little white. We are called the Packers and our mascot is a “Packer Hawg.” For the past 2 seasons we have been Undefeated State Champs with a record of 30-0 (wins to losses). We haven’t been state champs since ’94, so this has been long overdue!

Now…on with the outfits!

Outfit #1: Typical


This first outfit is pretty standard. If you’re unsure of how to pair school colors or don’t own anything that are your school colors then this is a simple way to show school pride. Pictured here is a simple outfit that requires nothing more than a tee with your team/mascot on it and a comfy pair of jeans! I have a simple jersey pictured that I picked up from my college bookstore! If you want to glam it up a little you can pair it with some accessories like I have. I kept it simple and just added a few pearl accessories. (The necklace and bracelet are off eBay, the earrings can be found here.) As for shoes, that’s up to you. You can wear sandals, flats, athletic shoes…whatever you deem comfy or stylish. This outfit is one that can easily be adapted and changed with the weather, from warm nights to cool evenings. If the weather gets cooler, just pair it with a light jacket and you’re set!

Outfit #2: Casual



This outfit is another one that can be easily used as a transition between two seasons. Pictured above is a mustard colored top (coming off more of a golden-yellow in the picture) with a pair of basic black shorts, black sandals, and a simple black “bubble” necklace. If you wanted to add any bracelets, I think some gold/black bangles would look good. You don’t have to wear the shorts or short sleeve shirt, that’s what so great about being able to see the color combo together! This can easily be changed up with capris or jeggings and a light jacket or long-sleeved tee. The accessories for this can also be changed up to be more or less, depending on your personal style.


Outfit #3: Dressy


This last outfit is one that is just a little more dressy. If you feel like dressing up a bit more or you’re more of the girly type of whatever, then this is something that may be up your alley. Above is one of my favorite outfits I’ve put together. I have a black kimono style cardigan (just like the floral one from a previous lookbook) that I paired with a gold sequin tank, jeggings, and wedges. The bottoms were a little trouble for me as the jeggings didn’t quite fit in my eyes and I couldn’t think of any other color that would quite fit. I was going to pair this with black jeggings (they may be the best choice) or white, but the white may not go too well with the tank being ivory. But anyway…I decided to keep the accessories fairly light being the sequins were a little over the top so I paired it with a simple bracelet that I purchased on eBay. As for earrings I have a pair of simple black studs that aren’t really anything too special.


I really hope you enjoyed this simple Game Day lookbook! Feel free to share your own Friday Night Lights outfits with me! I’d love to see some other color combinations!

Happy Football Season! ♥